About Us

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How SewVida started

Hi! I'm Lucy.

I'm a 3 year stroke survivor that needed something strong enough to hold my thick, long hair (after going through physical therapy) yet, gentle enough to wear on my wrist (currently on lifelong blood thinners) when I'm striving to be stronger daily.

This is when my search started in trying to find cute and durable scrunchies. Once I found out the search for strong and affordable scrunchies were slim, I started to sew my own. I learned the basics on how to sew with my mom and then self taught myself the rest of the sewing techniques.

These scrunchies were handmade for my own personal use, until my sisters and friends started requesting them. I was showing them off as a fun hobby on my personal snapchat account but then... friends told friends and the word spread. So I started an IG account and five months later I published my first website.

My husband Stephen and I manage the shop together.  We are new to having a small business, but it's such a wonderful feeling to have created such a passion to be a part of this shop. We are loving the community we have built, and we are enjoying the sweetest friendships within making SewVida.

We definitely wouldn't be here without your support!!

Thank you so much!

Lucy & Stephen Fruit