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Our name Sew Vida

We are a married couple behind all these handmade items. "Vida"  is Spanish and it means life in English which we thought matched our story on how we started this shop.  I'm a hispanic sewist and my heritage is Guatemalan. :)


About the sewist

Hi! My name is Lucy! I started this shop on accident due to a hobby I found with my mom in loving to sew my own scrunchies. Now why scrunchies you ask? Well let's rewind a bit to 2018.

On New Year's Eve, I suffered a stroke (at 25) that severely, impacted my life with paralysis on my left side of my body. I was in physical therapy for a little while and when I was capable, I joined a gym for extra exercise time. Any time I had energy I would strive to be normal again with gaining strength. I believe in prayer and so many were praying for me at the biggest trial in my life. With Gods help I found the strength to keep going & strive to be better even if it meant a different lifestyle to live through with a diagnosis of antiphospholipid blood syndrome (a blood disorder that causes clots).

 My constant need to exercise had me pulling up my long, thick hair up daily, but to my surprise ... I couldn't find gentle yet, strong enough hair ties in stores or on Amazon at the time to keep my hair up. And that's when I found the love in making my own scrunchies with sewn in strong but gentle elastic to keep the hair bun up all day & especially throughout daily workouts.

 A big thank you to my momma for teaching me how to use a sewing machine in 2 weeks and helping me find the solution to my hair problems.

  And a special thank you to my husband who never left my side through such a difficult health crisis and financially supported my hobby to have it become a small business. He is now my business partner with Sew Vida.

 This is my crazy, personal story on how I started this small, very blessed shop. I hope you love our items as much as I love sewing them!!

My personal view on our scrunchies

Now I am biased and love our scrunchies that I can literally talk about them all day!

However, I'll try to keep it short and sweet! :) 

Every scrunchie I sew, I want to make it a lasting one for you! When I first started sewing we went through a very beginner stash of scrunchies that were sewn differently that it took almost an hour to sew just one!

I researched and went through so many prototypes but I finally found a pattern that let me sew a scrunchie in half the time. It's a more common pattern since TikTok came out and someone else leaked the popular pattern the burrito method.

What makes us different is I not only sew scrunchies with one stitch but two stitches. Yes, I go through it again and sew it with a zigzag because I believe things should be made to wear multiple times & hopefully last until the fabric wears out (like a favorite pair of clothing).

And each scrunchie has a hand cut gentle elastic that is strong enough to keep the thickest hair up all day!

And this is why I only wear my scrunchies every single day!! :)


All items made to use over and over like a favorite pair of clothing!


Hand chosen fabric with the best and cutest fabric quality in mind. 


All fabrics brought into the shop are prewashed so no need to worry about shrinkage in case you need to wash your items in the future.


We do carry unique fabrics that have been saved from getting tossed out and instead recycled to be used as a cute scrunchie. There will be a special price for this collection coming soon!


The earth goes round by us supporting one another by one small business at a time. And someday a few of these small businesses grow to be in those big stores we had no idea started small at one time.

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