Spa headwrap (1 count)

Spa headwrap (1 count)

These beautiful, big, handmade headwraps come in your color choice of pink or white. They are perfect for many different occasions on your daily routines: washing your face, placing make up, removing make up, having a moisturizing  face mask etc. You get the just. 

This headwrap is made of soft, thick terry cloth to absorb water or simply  keep your hair away from getting in the way of your skin routine.

The back of this headwrap has two elastics sewn in to stretch comfortably around your hair.
The round tips of the headwrap has two thin wires sewn in, to easily bend to keep the bunny ears away from your face once it's been tied up front.
    Bendable bunny ears with wire

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    “The scrunchies are always stunning!” 

    —  Alexis, IL

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